22nd February 2021
Milk Chocolate Praliné Cake

Ingredients  3 eggs 85g brown sugar ⠀ 150g Milk Chocolate Praliné 80g butter 60g flour⠀⠀ 10g baking powder 50g milk chocolate chips 50g crushed hazelnuts A very soft cake, easy to make &

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5th November 2020
Brigadeiro Cake

Ingredients  4 eggs 225g sugar 80ml canola oil 155g flour Pinch of salt 25g cocoa powde 120ml warm water. 1/2 cc vanilla extract 10g baking powder For the icing:

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11th August 2020
Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake

Ingredients 100g butter 50g honey 50g sugar 3 eggs 90g milk 200g flour 11g  baking powder 1 tsp or tbsp vanilla extract 60g dark chocolate The Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake is one of my favorite easy go-to recipes!

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29th April 2020
Fraisier Strawberry Cake

Ingredients Sponge Cake: 4 eggs 125g sugar (2/3 cup) 125g de farine (1cup) Pastry Whipped Cream: 500ml milk (2cups) 100g sugar (1/2 cup) 1 tsp vanilla extract 5 egg yolk 50g cornstarch (1/2cup) 100g butter (1/2 cup) 8g gelatin 200g 35%Fat Whipping Cream (3/4 cup) Sugar syrup (optional) 50g sugar (1/4 cup) 50ml water (1/4 cup)  

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18th April 2020
Irresistible Tiramisu

Ingredients FOR THE LADYFINGERS BISCUITS 4 egg whites 130g brown sugar (2/3 cup) 4 egg yolks 100g flour (3/4cup)   FOR THE CREAM 250g mascarpone cheese (1) 4 eggs 60g brown sugar (1/3cup)  

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