24th March 2020
Parisian Flan

Ingredients 1 shortcrust pastry 800g milk (6 + 1/3cup )  4 eggs 200g sugar (1cup) 60g potato starch (1/2cup) Vanilla extract 1 vanilla bean Looking for your next Dessert?

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23rd March 2020
Milk Brioche

Ingredients 500g flour (4cups) 10g salt (1/2tbsp) 40g sugar (1/4cup) 175g milk (3/4cup) 2 eggs 100g butter (1/2cup) 8g dry yeast You have asked me for this Milk Brioche recipe so many times on Instagram that I absolutely had to put it on the blog!

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21st March 2020
Almond Pear Pie

Ingredients 1 shortcrust pastry 100g room temperature butter (1/2cup) 40g honey (2tbsp) 100g almond powder (1cup) 2 eggs 20g flour (2+2/3tbsp) 1 can of pear Slivered almonds Here we go again with one of my favorite desserts.

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