16th January 2021
Quick Puff Pastry

Ingredients  500g T65 flour 12g salt 250g water 400g 82%Fat butter cut in cube & frozen This recipe of Quick Puff Pastry is from a French (beautiful) Pastry book called « Le Grand Livre de la Viennoiserie ».

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18th April 2020
Kouign Amann by Chef Philippe Conticini

Ingredients: 4g dry yeast (1,5tsp) 160g flour (1 1/3 cup) 90ml warm water 15g sugar ( 1 1/4  tbsp) 1 pinch of salt 20g room temperature butter (1 1/3 tbsp) 3g vanilla powder (1tsp)   220g dry butter (82%fat) (1cup) 70g de sucre (1/3cup) I’ve heard about Kouign Amann so much that I had to try!

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Caramel Tartelette by Chef Guillaume Mabilleau

Ingredients Caramel (D-1) 150g sugar (3/4 cup) 150g glucose syrup (1/2 cup) 35g water (2 1/3 tbsp) 150g condensed milk (1/2 cup) 75g Whipping Cream 35%Fat (1/3 cup) 7,5g Salt (1 tsp) 1 vanilla pod 100g butter (1/2 cup) Shortcrust Pastry (D-1) 350g flour (3 cups) 190g room temperature butter (3/4 cup) 120g sugar (2/3 cup) 45g hazelnut powder (1/2 cup) 65g eggs  

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