6th March 2021
Maxi Double Chocolate Cookies

Ingredients  115g soft butter 160g brown sugar 1 egg 1 tsp baking powder 1 pinch of salt 185g flour 100g crushed dark chocolate 100g crushed milk chocolate If you like cookies, these should make you happy.

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22nd February 2021
Milk Chocolate Praliné Cake

Ingredients  3 eggs 85g brown sugar ⠀ 150g Milk Chocolate Praliné 80g butter 60g flour⠀⠀ 10g baking powder 50g milk chocolate chips 50g crushed hazelnuts A very soft cake, easy to make &

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5th February 2021
The Best Chocolate Fondant

Ingredients  5 eggs 100g sugar⠀ 50g brown sugar⠀ 200g dark chocolate⠀⠀ 200g salted butter 2 tbsp flour⠀⠀ 25ml whipping cream⠀ 10g salted butter 20g sugar This is the recipe you don’t want to miss.

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16th January 2021
Quick Puff Pastry

Ingredients  500g T65 flour 12g salt 250g water 400g 82%Fat butter cut in cube & frozen This recipe of Quick Puff Pastry is from a French (beautiful) Pastry book called « Le Grand Livre de la Viennoiserie ».

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5th November 2020
Brigadeiro Cake

Ingredients  4 eggs 225g sugar 80ml canola oil 155g flour Pinch of salt 25g cocoa powde 120ml warm water. 1/2 cc vanilla extract 10g baking powder For the icing:

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3rd September 2020
Macarons Shells

Ingredients  250g icing sugar (2cups) 190g ground almonds (1+3/4 cup) 144g egg whites Food coloring 190g sugar (1 cup) 60ml of water (1/4 cup) After several failures (tbh I stopped counting), I’m finally super in love of my macarons.

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29th August 2020
Chocolate Croissants

Ingredients 500g flour (4cups) 10g salt (1 to 2 tsp) 50g sugar (4tbsp) 140ml warm milk (1/2cup) 120ml water (2/3 cup) 8g yeast 50g butter (3 tbsp) 250g 82%Fat butter (1cup) Chocolate sticks obviously ?

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11th August 2020
Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake

Ingredients 100g butter 50g honey 50g sugar 3 eggs 90g milk 200g flour 11g  baking powder 1 tsp or tbsp vanilla extract 60g dark chocolate The Chocolate Vanilla Marble Cake is one of my favorite easy go-to recipes!

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